Everyone dreams of decently leveled and healthy stomach however achieving flat belly seems to be quite difficult for numbers of individuals. Flat belly can be neither achieved through controlled diet nor the exercises alone. The perfect balance of food and exercise can help in achieving the desired belly shape while fulfilling the micronutrients requirements.

There are different exercises targeting the abdominals, but the best results are produced by this workout routine. To do the exercises, all you need is about 10 minutes of your day. You will soon notice the effects if the prescribed exercise will be practiced regularly.

9 Practices for Flat Stomach

There are varieties of exercises which claims to be helpful in achieving flat belly however some of those are cumbersome, difficult, energy intensive and time consuming. Here we recommend some of the easy to do and easy to understand exercises to perform for desired belly shape.

These practices will not require more than 10 minutes of your daily time. Being time friendly, it can be carried out by even large group of people even though they do not have much of spare time.

The nine activities which provided easy and faster ways to achieve flat belly are described below.

The Roll

Lying down on your back on a tangle. Transfer your legs straight up to the roof and spread your hands to the sides. Start by bringing your legs down to the ground, but without touching them.

Place your knees in your trunk again and go back up again. Your lower abs get hit by the operation. For 30 seconds, do that and take a break.


With your legs raised, remain in an indistinguishable posture from the previous exercise. In this care you are running with your legs on either side.  Without reaching it, lower your legs as low to the ground as you can to the other side.

Do the 30 second task and turn sides in the center of the entire period. For your side muscles and lower abs, this practice is amazing.

Starfish Crunch

With your legs separated and arms separated, lie on the ground. Over your head are the arms. Touch the inverted foot against the inverted side. Make sure you breathe legitimately, breathe in and continuously breathe out. Do it for 30 seconds again.

Mountain Climbers

Place your hands on the ground and put your body on your toes. Ensure that the spine is straight from making a toe beeline. By swapping legs for 30 seconds, put your knees into the trunk. Keep your stomach around your spine.

Russian Twists

Starting from the earliest stage, take a seat and bring your abdominal region to about 45 degrees. Depending on the amount of trouble you need, your legs will either be on the ground or you can lift them up.

Start bending your abdominal region by putting both of your hands to your sides. Keep your eyes continuously looking straight and relax. This exercise is awesome for the abs on your side. Continue this exercise for 30 seconds.

Spiderman Planks

It can also be considered as side plank, in this body is in push up position, twist the body by 90 degrees and raise one leg to the favor of your knee.  Make sure your back is straight be in that position for 15 seconds.

Brace your stomach and flip your legs back. Keep for 15 seconds again and inhale and breathe out in the middle of the whole exercise.

Single Leg Drops

Lie flat on your back, stretch your arms out to your sides. Lift your legs up to the roof and begin to lower one leg and the other down after that.

Your legs should be consistently straight and formed. When you cut them, make sure that they do not hit the ground. The workout controls your lower abs. Breathe in and out and continue it for 30 seconds.

Twofold Leg Circles

With your legs straight up to the top, lie on your back. For 30 seconds, start doing circles on the correct side and rehash the action by doing circles on one side. Try to relax through the whole workout.

Vacillate Kicks

Once again, lie on your back and pull your legs up. Start kicking your legs in the air. Carry your legs litter lower on the off chance that you need the activity to be more troublesome.

Make sure you’re as even as possible with your back on the floor. Do the activity while breathing in and breathing out for an entire moment. You’ll feel consumed by your lower muscles.


The set of activities described above will help you lose the belly fat and provide you toned stomach and abs in prolonged practice. These activities require very less time from your daily routine to achieve desired belly shape. It is always advisable to spend some time from the busy schedule for the fitness which ensures the perfection of our daily activities. “Stay Fit, Stay Healthy”.