Most men wrongly believe that size is critical. This assumption can trigger a significant amount of anxiety among men with a smaller penis and may prevent both partners from reaping the sexual pleasure they would otherwise experience.

According to the 2015 report, the total length of the penis is 5.16 inches. If your penis falls short of the benchmark, you’re statistically on the smaller-than-average side. It’s not a dealbreaker for most people. In fact, studies have shown that women do not care too much about penis size in the first place.

“Some men fall into the trap of comparing themselves to porn stars “says Holly Richmond, PhD, Somatic Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and AASECT Accredited Sex Therapist. “In my counselling experience, most women don’t talk about having a man with a big penis. They talk about having a man who’s good in bed. That means someone who’s communicative, takes his time, and is attentive to her needs.”

10 Best Sex Position for Couples Having Smaller Penis

Size doesn’t matter for most of the women because they know that penis size isn’t a deciding factor in sexual satisfaction. It’s just a matter of choosing the right O-inducing angle.

Even though, if your partner doesn’t feel comfortable enough, here are some of the sex position which may help in achieving memorable sex experience and orgasm.

Doggy Style

If you have a small manhood, generally, you want to go to any position that encourages deep penetration, so you can use the full length of your shaft. That’s why Doggie Style is a perfect choice.

It’s not too hard, it gives you a great rearview, and you can get around to give her extra clitoral stimulation. You monitor the speed and pattern of your thrust for optimum penetration and pleasure.


Woman-on-top positions may be nice because they correspond to deeper penetration, some guys can feel a little nervous about slipping when they’re not in charge of the motion.

If your husband has a hard time concentrating on anything but holding his penis inside of you while you’re at the top, maybe try grinding or stirring motion instead of pumping up and down.

Reverse Cowgirl

For this place, you face away from your partner and then lower yourself to his penis, your legs spread beside him. The closer your legs are together, the greater your partner will feel, particularly if you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles.

Reverse cowgirl also gives you more control over pace, depth, and rhythm than the same old missionary position. For more penis fullness, slip a pillow under the back of your partner, “allowing them to tilt and raise their pelvis.”

Face Off

This pose is perfect for guys with a tiny penis because it’s less about “in and out” penetration, and more about “wrapping” around when you’re inside your girlfriend. It also makes kissing, nipple action, and intense petting.

With this position, you should think about wearing a vibrating cock ring. If you have a deep thrust with a vibrating ring, you will provide extreme clitoral stimulation with your thrusts, which will compensate for lack of cervical stimulation.

Knees to Chest

Any pose where the woman is on her back with her legs in the air works well for a smaller penis. So, lie back and bring your legs to your chest while your partner is standing over you. Drop your legs over his shoulders to the doorway, positioning them on either side of his body, or even over one shoulder.

If she crosses her legs at the ankles and lays those on her stomach, it can work well because, again, it only offers a better fit.

The Flatiron

Have your companion lie down on their stomach with their legs closely pressed together. To help them penetrate, place a pillow under their pelvis. Lie on their backs and get in from behind.

Since their hips are more closed than open, there would be more pressure on their vaginal walls. The closer their legs are, the more pressure and pleasure you both get.

Stand & Deliver

Often known as The Bicycle, Stand and Deliver facilitates extremely deep penetration. Stand at the edge of your bed or desk as your partner lies back and lifts their legs to shoulders. Their knees are bent as if they were doing a “bicycling” workout. Grab their ankles and join them from there.

This is another position that offers both deep penetration and manual stimulation of the clitoris.


Like the knee-to-chest position, the seashell works well because it allows super close contact with the PIV and your partner can grind or move in a circular motion rather than a thrust. Lie on your back, curl your pelvis up and your legs back to your shoulders, stretch them in a V. Make your legs come in straight down, and if you can, close the gap between your legs for a closer fit. Or, depending on your versatility, switch both sides of your collar bone.

Two Spoons

This side-by – side position has your partner pressed closely against your back and ass and thighs, so it’s super intimate and makes you feel connected. This positioning would also keep your vulva flat against your partner’s pubic bone, so that there is no distance between the bodies that can make your already tiny penis feel bigger.

With his hands free, he can reach out and play with your breasts and clitoris, or he can grasp your hips and take care of the squeezing.

The Little Dipper

For The Little Dipper, your companion uses either a bed, a sofa, or a chair to lift your body over you. You then put your penis into your partner’s vagina or anus, whatever you both feels. If done correctly, you should be in a T-shaped form.

This location enables both deep penetration and quick access to the stimulation of the clitoris. The clitoris is a powerhouse for female pleasure. The vagina has far less nerve endings than the clitoris, which is only stimulated intermittently during most normal intercourse positions. That’s why positions that allow for clitoris stimulation and deep vaginal penetration are suitable for people with a smaller penis.


Though there are not any preferred penis length for the women, most of them eager to have memorable intercourse experience. They want their partner to be good in bed rather than having humongous penis size. However, there are some sex positions which might be helpful for the couple with smaller penis and at the same time boost the confidence of the partner.  In addition to the above it also offers deeper penetration for the people having average or above average penile length.