These Are The 4 Most Healing Spices


The spices and the herbs not only that they make the taste of the food richer, they also give us healthy benefits.

The healing power of some of them was used thousands years ago.

Modern scientific examinations are proving that the claims for the positive effect of the spices and the herbs on the health are not just fake stories.

  1. Oregano

Natural antibiotic and a preparation and expectoration, preparation for spreading the bronchi, and is useful against spasms. Its health benefits shows with inflammation of the sinuses, especially chronic sore throat, non-specific inflammation of the ear, flu, virus disease, flu and upset long nose and inflammation of the bladder. Detoxifies, recover the tissues, and relieves pain. Is useful for cough, improves the digestive system and stimulates perspiration.

  1. Basil

It’s useful in diseases of the urinary tract, prevents white washing, treat diseased liver, it is reassuring. Basil also rough insomnia and relieves anxiety, stimulates appetite, a young nursing mothers should certainly drink tea basil because it stimulates the creation of milk.

  1. Rosemary

Good to treat lighter burdens to the liver, problems with bile secretion, and metabolism problems. It is recommended to treat arthritis and poor peripheral circulation. Rosemary, despite that it is a mild antiseptic and an agent that stimulates wound healing.

  1. Black pepper

It is used to encourage the work of the digestive organs, against sore throat, fever, and hemorrhoids.