The key to healthy bone health lies in the consumption of balanced diet. Calcium is essential for the development of strong and healthy bone while vitamin D regulated the absorption of calcium in the body.

The deficiency of calcium and vitamin D can cause bone disorders such as osteoporosis and rickets. In this disorders bone becomes fragile and vulnerable to fracture and damage in later stage of life.

An individual can get healthy and stronger framework by the consumption of balanced diet which may suffice the daily dietary requirement of essential and vitamins and minerals.

The perfect balance between the food and bone strengthening exercise will be able to offer stronger bone structure. Some of the foods which might help in supplementing the requirement of calcium and vitamin D can help in obtaining the required bone strength.

What are the foods for stronger and healthier bone……?

Some of the food items which might help in the development and formation of healthy and strong bone structure are discussed with their pros and cons.

High Calcium Foods

The calcium requirement varies with age and the daily recommended intake of calcium for and adult is 700 mg. There are varieties of food which can be considered as rich source of calcium however every food item can’t be consumed by both vegan and non-vegan people.

Food items rich in calcium for non-vegan diet includes:

  • Milk, cheese and other dairy foods
  • green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage and okra
  • Soybeans
  • Tofu
  • Soya drinks with added calcium
  • Nuts
  • Fortified flour
  • Small fishes, such as sardines and pilchards

Some of the food products rich in calcium are animal derived products which are unsuitable for vegan people. They either need to prefer fortified foods or supplements to meet the requirements of calcium for the healthy and stronger bones.

Food items rich in calcium for vegan diet include:

  • Fortified soya, rice and oat drinks
  • Calcium-set tofu
  • Sesame seeds
  • Pulses
  • Fortified bread
  • Dried fruit such as raisins, prunes, figs and dried apricots

Calcium deficiency can also be caused by the condition such as pregnancy, lactation and menopause. It is caused by the enhanced requirement of calcium which should be addressed by medical supplements.

Vitamin D Rich Foods

Vitamin D is fat-soluble vitamin and stored in the liver for later use. Its presence in liver regulates the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium in the body.

If a person is diagnosed with bone deformity, then doctor always prescribe the calcium and vitamin D supplements together. The deficiency in vitamin D may lead to malabsorption of calcium in the body and hence weak and fragile bone structure.

The major source of vitamin D is animal-based products which makes it unsuitable for the vegan people. The dietary requirement of vitamin D for vegan people often remained unaddressed and they must rely on sunlight exposure and medical supplements.

Some of the food items rich in vitamin D for non-vegan diet include:

  • Fatty fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel
  • Fish oil
  • Eggs
  • Fortified breakfast cereals
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Other milk products
  • Sunlight

The above list of vitamin D rich food items are based of animal derived products which forces vegan people to choose different sources of vitamin D to meet the dietary requirements.

Some of the sources of vitamin D for vegan diet includes:

  • Sunlight is the major source of vitamin D for vegan people. Ideally and adult should expose him/herself for almost about 10-30 minutes to meet the daily requirements of vitamin D.
  • Fortified cereals
  • Vitamin D supplements

The requirement of vitamin D changes with age group however the daily recommended intake of vitamin D for and adult is 600-800 IU. The requirement of vitamin D is greater in lactating and pregnant women which requires medical supplements.

In addition to vitamin D and calcium other factors also affects bone development and its strength. Some of the other factors are discussed in brief.

Protein Rich Diet

Enough protein is required to maintain healthy bone structure. About 50% of the bone is made of the protein which makes it an essential dietary supplement in order to achieve healthy and stronger bones.

The amino acids present in protein also participates in the absorption process of calcium in the body. Insufficient intake of protein might affect the absorption and leads to calcium deficiency and weak bone.

Researches have indicated that high intake of protein diet may result in calcium leaching however if balanced intake of protein is taken along with other food items may result in stronger bone.

Vitamin K Rich Diet

Vitamin K2 supports bone formation by regulating the osteocalcin, a protein which helps in forming strong bone. It enables osteocalcin to mind minerals with the bone and prevent any sort of bone losses.

The most common form of vitamin K2 is MK-4 and MK-7. The main source of MK-4 is liver, egg and meat while MK-7 is present in cheese, sauerkraut and a soybean product.

Studies suggests that either form of vitamin K helps in modification of osteocalcin in children and menopaused women and result in providing healthy and stronger bone structure.

Avoid Low Calorie Diet

People often choose low calorie diet for losing weight however people should be cautious about taking low calorie which have detrimental effect on bone health.

An adult should avoid consumption of calories less than 1000 calories per day. It can result in bone density loss in normal weight and obese people.

The key to healthy body structure lies in the balanced diet rather than relying on specific diet which might have negative impact on other part of the body such as low-calorie diet for reducing body weight.

In a study over group of women who consumed 925 calories per day result in reducing the body weight at the same time it is observed that there was significant decrease in bone density and bone loss close to hip and upper thigh.


Healthy bone is important in providing strong framework which depends upon the varieties of food we consume in our diet. Some food helps in enriching the requirements of healthy bone and its development. However, people should prefer balanced diet over specific diet plan for prolonged period since some of the food items have negative impact on bone health. “Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy”.