We often have various questions about wet hair and its implication on body and hair health. Is it a bad thing to sleep with wet hair? Our mothers have always told us that it’s not safe to go to bed with wet or damp hair, because we might catch a cold or a pneumonia. Was that true?

The truth is, in fact, not; going to sleep right after taking a bath and not drying your hair properly might prove to be a bad decision anyway. Why? That’s the answer that we want to give you today.

Next, we need to remember that the moisture left too long in the hair will swell the scalp, creating an irritating itching sensation. This also does damage to your mane, as the porosity of the surface of your hair is also increased.

That’s why it’s not advisable to sit too long with a towel around the head or caps that hold moisture.

7 Disadvantages of Sleeping with Wet Hair

Taking bath before sleep have various advantages however people should be aware about the side effects of wet hair. If you have habit of sleeping with wet hair must be aware about its implications. Some of the discomforts caused by sleeping with wet hair includes:


Sleeping with wet hair will often cause serious headache. This is because the temperature of the body increases during sleep. When the body heats up, the moisture you’ve gathered on your towel, which you may have wrapped around your head, will trigger your headache, since there will be a lot of temperature difference. So, please try to avoid wet hair for longer period.

Hair Breakage

Wet hair appears to break up a lot of times. If you plan to sleep with a wet hair, the odds are high that a lot of hair breakage is likely to happen. Therefore, sleeping with damp or dripping hair will never be a good idea.

Broken hair is very common among the women with long hair. Long hairs are difficult to wash and at the same time not easy to dry. It increases the residence time of moisture which negatively impact the integrity of the hair. The condition can be severe if you have other essential vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Sticky Hair

If you plan to sleep with a wet hair, you could end up with a lot of sticky hair, the other morning as the same one tends to entangle and bind each other. Those with long hair should still avoid sleeping with wet hair; otherwise a lot of hair breakage along with a host of other problems would result.


Pillows are the best location for bacteria as they ingest sweat, dead skin cells and body oils. Wet hair wets the towel and adds moisture to the pillow, which then becomes a nest to produce bacteria.

The regular practice of sleeping with wet hair can make your pillows and bet the playground for microorganism and their residence will keep on altering the wellbeing.


Sleeping with wet hair can cause various types of itching, due to the moisture that is established in the skin of your head. The prolonged moisture presence in the hair cause decay of dead scalp and growth of microorganism in it. The ideal way to wash hair is in daytime and make it dry as soon as possible by some organic means.

Muscle pain

Sudden temperature changes can not only cause muscle pain but can also lead to extreme cramps and even facial paralysis. Eventually, this can lead to paralysis of the entire body and cause death.

Keeping wet hair for longer period can result in fever like feeling, it slightly increases the temperature of the body and especially head. The raise in temperature above normal human temperature can cause mild to severe muscle pain and in some cases fever as well.


Moist scalp can interact with the function of the sebaceous glands present on the scalp. They can either start producing more oil or reduce oil production. It may disturb the balance of the natural pH of the scalp. Therefore, you either must suffer from dandruff or excessive oily hair.

Dandruff is the major cause of hair loss and damage which is mainly caused by the prolonged exposure of scalp to the moisture. It is very common among the people with long hair and who doesn’t try to any organic means to dry it faster.


If you’re intended to escape all these kinds of diseases and failures, you should stop sleeping with wet hair. That’s why it’s suggested to use a bath towel to keep your pillow to sleeping area dry. So, if you need to wash your hair, always do it in the daytime. This will still be good for your overall well being. In addition to these be always mindful of the food items present in your daily diet, it should be enough to maintain healthy hair and boosts your immunity. “Live Healthy, Stay Healthy”.