Is all sex producing the same result? It could be when it comes to having an infant. Believe it or not, researchers also lack definitive proof on the best ways to get pregnant. There isn’t a ton of research on sexual position and its efficacy conception.

Doctors realize that this is more of a logistical concern than anything else. It is very difficult to study particular sexual roles that might increase fertility. This is partially because there are a variety of other variables that influence conceptional chances, such as maternal age and intercourse timing (e.g. having sex when ovulating increases fertility).

Sex Positions Which Increases the Odds of Conception

However, despite the lack of evidence, some sex roles may have some advantages in the baby-making process. Read on to learn about the possible best sex positions to get pregnant, as well as what to do during intercourse to improve your chances of getting pregnant.


The few studies that looked at the coital interactions suggested that the missionary position could offer a slim anatomical advantage. In theory, a woman’s cervix will dip into the vaginal semen pool more easily when a guy-on-top, allowing sperm access to the protective cervical mucus. There are no scientific data on this, though some experts believe that it may have positive result.

Moreover, not all women are built in the same way. It makes sense to have women on their backs for women who have an anteverted uterus, one that is tilted forward, which is around two-thirds of the population, but a third of women have a retroverted uterus, one that is tilted backwards, so that the missionary does not give them any benefit.

Doggy Style

Some men just don’t like the missionary form, because it can be tiring to them. “The missionary job is more challenging for men, because they have to use their muscles to prevent them from putting their full weight on you, putting additional pressure on them.

This famous role places the woman on all fours, with the man coming in from behind. It enables deeper penetration, giving semen greater access to the opening of the cervix.

Reverse Cowgirl

In this pose, the woman positions herself on the top with her face, away from her partner’s face. The angle allows it to monitor the depth of penetration for maximum performance. This position is also beneficial for the men with smaller manhood.

Side-by-Side Scissors

When they engage in this position, they face each other during the intercourse while lying on their sides. Not only is it romantic (which can ease the nerves of baby-making process), but it also allows for deep entrance.

Rear Entry

Like a doggy style, this pose involves a man coming in from behind. The difference, however, is that the woman lies on her stomach and lowers herself over her. The rear entrance is a sure-fire way to get a deep penetration.


Who says the baby-making positions can’t be a little adventurous? In this athletic pose, the woman keeps herself in the air with the help of hands while her standing partner grips her legs, pushes them around her thighs, and enters her. Again, it enables deep penetration and closeness to the cervix.

After Intercourse Do’s to Increase the Chance of Conception

Is there something you can do right after sex that makes pregnancy more possible? Again, there’s no statistical evidence of that. But a few common sense steps may give sperm a fighting chance to reach and fertilize an egg on their journey.

Lie Still

Doing this for a spell will help sperm get where it’s going. It should take around 10-15 minutes to do it. Then, clear your bladder to help flush out any germs hanging out near your urethra that could lead to a urinary tract infection.

Propping Pelvic & Legs Up

If you have time to stay in the lounge, why don’t you enjoy the afterglow? Propping yourself up on a cushion or placing your legs up on a wall, however, has not been proven to make a difference.   As soon as the ejaculate arrives into you, the sperm is already in the cervical mucus, which acts to retain the sperm there for fertilization.


Standard water-based lubricant has been shown to have a detrimental effect on sperm survival. Look for variants that are hydroxyethyl cellulose-based and read labels carefully to make sure they don’t contain spermicide.

After Intercourse Don’t’ s to Increase the Chance of Conception

It’s all right to get up after having sex and go about your usual day. But you may want to skip a few things, or at least hold back a little.


Your vagina does a great job of washing itself, so you don’t need a wash. It can also strip off healthy bacteria in the vagina that protect against yeast infections. You don’t want to wash semen out of your vagina at a time when you want as many sperm as you can to get to your egg.

High-Impact Exercise

There is no scientific proof that intense physical activity decreases the chances of pregnancy after sex. But if you miss hard workouts after a roll in the hay, you might feel more relaxed or less likely to second-guess yourself.


There are varieties of sex position having different advantages and disadvantages however some o the sex position might help in baby making process as it offers deeper penetration and G-Spot stimulation. A healthy orgasm will also lead to increases the chance of conception. Though there are not very strong scientific evidence about that however these positions along with some after sex do’s and don’t’ s may result in pregnancy.” Healthy Sex is key to Healthy Life”.