It has always been the matter of debate about the sex compatibility between shorter women and taller men. Couples have always worried about the sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

In general women are very much attracted to taller guys but once you find someone with considerable height, all the butterflies and rainbows will seem perfect unless you head straight for the bedroom. There stands the height difference between sexual pleasure and couples.

The most common position in the bedroom is doggystyle and missionary and couples are very much comfortable with these sex positions. However, in case of petite partner, it’s not at all sexy about rubbing your partner’s chin during missionary position.

It’s simply that this couple is not suitable for missionary positions. As you can’t change the height of the either one you may explore other option. Some of the existing sex positions and minor variation to these might be helpful in achieving sexual pleasure.

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If you do have this sort of situation, there is nothing to worry about. Some of the sex positions most suitable for petite women are described below.

Sex on The Table

As the name suggests, it is not necessarily that this sex position must be performed on the table, however it only requires that female partner should be lie down horizontally on some upraised platform of height similar to crotch height and male partner should be standing.

This sex positions provides face to face action which might be missing in various poses. The women should allow her partner to enter either in lie down position or sitting position at the edge of the platform.

It also supports immense clitoris stimulation that is the core of sexual pleasure and provides deep penetration. It might be helpful for the people with small manhood. It is considered as best sex position for women.

Little Spoon (2)

This sex position is the minor variation of spooning which provides full body contact and opportunities for clitoral stimulation. It is one of the old sex positions which is known for one of the best romantic sex positions in which both the partner lies besides each other and engage in coitus.

This sex position provides immense G-spot stimulation along with full clitoral access and full physical contact. This is the perfect combo for the petite women to get immense sexual pleasure.

Lie on your side with your partner lying parallel to you such that you back rubbing his chest and allow hi enter from behind. It may happen that you head may only reach till his chest, but it will not make much difference as both will face away in same direction.

It also helpful for the in case your partner has larger penis, entry from the back controls the penetration. It is one of the most comfortable sex positions and regarded as best sex position for women.

Reverse Cow

This sex position is one of the most popular and tested sex positions among the couple of divergent sizes. In this position your partner lies on the back and eradicated all the complexities of height difference.

This sex position is also very useful if your partner has very large penis. Being on top make you in charge and allows you to control the penetration and rhythm. It is one of the most pleasurable position as women can swirl, twist and squeeze with erotic vision of peaches. This the very popular and best sex positions among women.

In this position men lie on the back while women straddle him facing towards his feet and sit on his penis. It also provides pleasurable G-spot stimulations.

Lotus (2)

It is also known as lover’s lotus due to degree of intimacy. In this position both the partners are seated which omit the height difference facing toward each other. It provided great physical contact for sensation and opportunity of oral sex.

Make you partner sits with his legs below his buttocks and straddle his around with your hand around his neck and lower down on his penis. Since they face each other closely, it provides opportunity to understand the needs and desires of each other.

Corgi Style

Doggy style is the common to ever couple however its modified version for petite women is known as corgi style. It this position the women lie on all for and your partner standing behind, draping on your back, kneeling, half kneeling to match the height of your pelvic with yours.

In this position you gen on all fours and allow your partner to enter from behind which matching hour pelvic with his in any possible manner. This position provides deeper penetration so it may be painful in case of larger penis. It also offers G-spot stimulation for greater sexual pleasure.

The Snake

This sex position is the excellent option for the couple having divergent height and looking for climax from peen-vageen sex. However, this position is best suited for the girls with smaller height as it doesn’t require alignment of pelvic as it should be.

Lie on your stomach with a pillow under the pelvis and lift your buttocks in the air and allow your partner to enter from behind while you can play with your clitoris. This is the best sex position to get you pregnant as cervix will be pointed towards gravity.

Cowgirl’s Helper

Cowgirl is one of the popular and pleasurable sex positions where women is in-charge and controls the rhythm and sexual pleasure. However, if the height of the girl is smaller this position may not be very comfortable as she has to bend forward.

The modification to classic cowgirl is “Helper” where your partner play supporting role by bending his leg and thrusting from below.

Make you partner lie on the back and kneel on top of him, pushing his chest while sliding up and down his thighs while your partner hand is around your thighs and buttocks squeezing it for pleasure.

In this position your partner supports the weight and raises from below to tune with downward thrust.


In this position women lie horizontal while men standing and obviously the height difference between couples will not be problem. The only problem will be the height of the platform which should allow pelvic match.

Rest on the hip and one forearm near the edge of the bench or bed while pressing your legs together and allow your partner to enter from the behind. This will give vert tight entrance to the vagina as legs are put together.


This position is one of the experimental positions and requires high level of physical fitness, people shouldn’t be shy about trying different positions. It provides very deep penetration and helps in impressing the partner.

Being shorter in height, your limbs may be shorter and closer to ground gives you more stability and brings you closer to your partner and it seldom happens that men doesn’t like upside-down face positions.

Get yourself on all four and let your partner pick you up from the pelvic then close your legs around his waist and allow him to thrust from behind. It provides very deep penetration and good for getting pregnant.

Mini Pretzel Dip

This sex position is best suited with girl having smaller legs which makes it easy for your partner to entry from side angle. It doesn’t provide very deep penetration for it offers greater physical contact and face to face to understand your partner.

Lie on your right then allow your partner to kneel and straddle your right leg and curl your left leg around his left thigh and allow for the thrust.


All sex positions are meant for everyone and when it comes to height differences it destroys the pleasure unless we explore some other option to achieve the desired sexual pleasure and happiness. Some of the sex positions described above might help you achieve your relationship goals.” Stay Happy, Stay Healthy”.