Kids are the future of any country which necessitates the good health of kids. “Healthy Kids for Healthy Future”. The mental and physical growth and development of the children depends upon the essential macro- and micro-nutrients presents in their food. Maximum growth and development happen during this age group which may require special attention.

Everyone who have ever tried to feed kids may agree with that kids eat as per their interest which may not provide balanced nutrition. In order to overcome these shortcomings we need to discover kids’ friendly meals which may serve dual purpose of their likeness and meeting the nutrient requirements at the same time.

7 Healthiest Food Items for Kids

Some of the kids’ friendly food items which may provide balanced nutrition along with their recipes are illustrated below. Every recipe is organised in such a manner that kids will love it and get the required nutrition.


Yogurt is considered as rich source of protein and vitamin D which is deficient in many kids. It contains probiotics, the good bacteria which may improve digestions and prevent from any small intestine tract disorders. It can be consumed in the form of delicious dessert or healthy breakfast.

There are several varieties of yogurt with different flavour is available in the market however, we should prefer the plain yogurt which have double the nutrition than any flavoured yogurt. Flavoured yogurt contains added sugar which may not be healthy for kids and it may have some uninvited flavours for the kids. Plain yogurt is always the good choice which don’t contain added sugar and any short of flavour can be added as per the taste of children. 


Eggs are good source of protein, fats, vitamin D and vitamin B12. We should not be bothered with the fats present in the eggs which may have very little impact on health the saturated fats used in deep fried food items which kids are fond of.

Doctors recommends eggs as starter food for kids with age more than 12 months. It’s easy for kids to accustom with eggs in early days which have rich source for vitamin and minerals. Some eggs are fortified with omega-3 and other micronutrient essential for the growth and development of the kids. Eggs offers variety of food recipes which may meet the requirement of different tastes of various children like boiled egg, egg salad, toast, omelet and scrambled eggs.   


In general, kids are fond of milk and milk products however certain kids don’t like milk and its derived products. Milk is good source of calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus and potassium and vitamin B12. It can be evident from the fact that babies are grown for more than 6 months entirely on breastfeeding. We can say that it contains the life force which is very much essential for the growth and development of any kid.

If your kid doesn’t like milk, then you need to choose for different flavouring agents available in the markets which are especially designed keep kids’ interest in mind. While making the choices be mindful of its ingredients and added sugar. 

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds provide very good balance between protein, fats, fibre and micronutrients. The evening kid snacks should be replaced with the mixture of nutritious nuts and seeds. Cashew, walnut, sunflower seed, pecan, chia, flax seeds are rich in omega-3 fat which is crucial for the development of brain. Nuts are also rich in magnesium which is responsible for healthy bone development.

Some kids may have allergy with tree nuts, in that case seeds may act as good substitute in providing essential nutrition. Apart from the mentioned nutrition values, nuts and seeds are also rich in other micronutrients essential for all-round development of the kids.

Whole Grain

In our current lifestyle we majorly rely on processed and fast food and the same culture is getting transferred to our kids. Nowadays kids love fast and processed food over home cooked food which contains preservatives and unidentified ingredients which may be harmful for the kids.

Whole grain are good source of fiber, protein and essential micronutrient. The whole grain meals for the kids may be oatmeal, multigrain bread, multigrain pasta, brown rice, multigrain cookies. It always better to cook meals in home which may have more sanctity of ingredients than what is available in the market. The packaging may fool you in terms of its ingredients. 


Fresh and green vegetables are rich source of vitamins and minerals along with carbohydrates and fiber. These are very essential for the growth and development of kids in their early stage however making them consume theses vegetables will be quite a task. We must make every effort to develop the tastes in kids towards veggies.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are loaded with vitamin K, orange and red vegetables are rich in vitamin A while citrus vegetable is rich in vitamin C. Vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli are known to fight against cancer. We can consume vegetables as snacks, in pizzas, pasta and other delicacies which kids love.

To get the kids attracted towards these vegetables we can also think of planting some of the vegetables in the garden which may develop awareness towards its importance in kids.


There are different varieties of barriers available in the market with different nutritious elements. Berries are rich in vitamin C and fiber and they also acts as antioxidants which is essential for the expulsion of free radicals from the body.

Fresh berries are very delicious, and kids are fond of those and on top of this, these berries are low in sugar content. It could be used as snacks and also for toppings and flouring of yogurts. In many parts of the world different varieties of berries are found however we can also have dried and packaged berries. We need to be mindful of the processing ingredients and added sugar content. 


The above listed food items are among some of the available healthy food for the kids moreover, it can always be modified in catering the need of the kids. Kids are very particular in their food stuffs and we need to facilities them to make the right choice which is needed for them. “By making them healthy today we are securing healthy future”.