Immunity refers to the capability of cells, tissues and organs to fight against infiltration of bacteria, virus and fungi. Moreover, it helps in fighting any alien organism against which antibodies are not present in our body.

In current situation, where peoples are left on the mercy of God against novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2. Individual immunity played key role in fighting against this unique danger. People with good immunity fared good in battle against corona compared to those having impaired immunity.

The defence mechanism of the body can’t be built in a day, it takes years of effort to grown in the required shape. Though it depends upon the genes and surroundings however, the role of food in the development of immunity overtime is incredible.

Immunity Boosting Food Items

Some of the food items proved to be effective in developing immunity are illustrated below.


Orange and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which are good in boosting immunity. In addition to this it can also be used as refreshing, hydrating and cooling agent.

Regular consumption of vitamin C rich food items like Oranges, Kiwis, bell pepper and other citrus fruit helps in preventing mild cold and cough.


It has been established as traditional remedies against unwanted inflammation. The fruit is rich in antioxidants which are essential component in fighting against infections.

Several studies have found out that the regular consumption of elderberry might help in fighting against flu viruses. Moreover, berries are rich source of essential vitamin and minerals.

Bell Pepper

Bell pepper is another rich source of vitamin C which helps in fighting against cold. When people get cold flu, they directly turn to vitamin C source. It contains enormous amount of vitamin C than any citrus fruit like 3:1.

When people try to avoid sugar intake in case of obesity or diabetes, bell pepper stands out to be the perfect choice for vitamin C which very less sugar content.


Almonds are rich source of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. It contains good amount of vitamin E which may not have very significant role against flu however the antioxidant properties make it very useful in boosting immunity.

Vitamin E is fat-soluble; hence it needs to be consumed along with fat. Almonds contains good fat which may help in absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and protect against any infections.


Mangoes are seasonal fruit easily available in tropical to subtropical region. Mangoes are rich in vitamin A which is a fat-soluble vitamin.

Vitamin A is essential in boosting the immunity of the body and protects against diseases such as night blindness. The abundance of mangoes in small time provides opportunity to store vitamin A which will be used in later part of the year.


The uses of mint in our life is both as culinary ingredient as well as medicinal herb. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. It is also known to be used as refreshing and cooling agent. 

Mint can be consumed in the form of paste of dips, as garnishing agent, juice and tea. Mint tea helps in relieving headaches and body ache. 


Ginger have both culinary and medicinal significance. It can be regarded as miracle herb which anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties.

The profound use of ginger in observed in the cuisines rich in spices especially the South-Asian dishes. It provides stomach a soothing effect after the spice burn and prevents any GI disorders.


Garlic is traditional home remedies for the prevention against cold flu. The regular consumption of garlic known to be effective against cold and other ailments.

Garlic is the common herb used in cooking however it is also used for medicinal purposes. A research in which one groups consumed garlic while other don’t; the frequency of cold in the group with garlic supplements are almost half of the other group.


Turmeric have widespread culinary uses however; its medicinal values can’t be disregarded. It has been used as very effective anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antioxidants.

Turmeric contains curcumin, which is regarded as immunity boosters and important antioxidants which helps in removing free radicals -from the body. Initial studies also claim its anti-cancer property, but further study needs to be done in this field.


Broccoli stalks are loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is rich in vitamin A, C and E along with its antioxidant properties and loaded with fibre. It can be regarded as one of the healthiest green veggies we can have.

It contains antioxidants such as sulforaphane which helps in combat against free radicals. The multifaceted properties of broccoli makes its very essential vegetables in our diet.


Spinach contains beta carotene, an antioxidant which helps in fighting against frequent infections and boosts our immunity. Spinach is also rich in vitamin C and other essential vitamin and minerals such as iron.

The spinach can be consumed in several form. Either it can be consumed in the form of solid food or it can be consumed in the form of juice or smoothies. It should not be heavily cooked which me subsides its nutrients however, light cooking may help in releasing anti-nutrients from it.

Sunflower Seed

Sunflower seeds are rich source of micronutrients such as magnesium, phosphorous, vitamin B6 and vitamin E. Vitamin B-6 is water soluble while E is fat soluble. Seeds can be a good replacement of nuts for the people who might have tree nut allergies.

Vitamin E helps in boosting the immunity to combat against infections while minerals are responsible for providing strong muscles and skeleton. Moreover, it is also rich in selenium and may be enough in fulfilling daily requirement of selenium.


Papaya is rich in vitamin C however it also contains potassium, magnesium and folate which are very much essential for human health. It contains a digestive enzyme papain which has anti-inflammatory properties.

A medium size fruit may be enough for the daily requirement of vitamin C. Its major role in human health is to boost immunity and enhance the digestive function and absorption of other minerals.


Immunity is very essential for protection and combat against any sort of illness and ailments. However, regular consumption of immunity boosting diet helps in developing strong defence mechanism of the body. “Eat Healthy Be Healthy”.