There are several misconceptions about sexual vitality out of which the most popular one is relationship between shape of edible items and their role in enhancing sexual strength. People believe that banana consumption helps in shaping the men genitals in the shape of it however any fruit may offer healthy sex.

Although there are misconceptions, but medical evidences can’t deny the fact that some food items help in increasing the sexual strength and may enhance the couple satisfaction and happiness. These food items can also be termed as nature’s Viagra due to its resemblance in functionality.

Healthy sex life is important for the physical and mental well being of individuals. It may not be the most important part of couple’s life, but it facilitates the deepening of relationship and enhances couple’s happiness.

Nature’s Viagra

Some of the food items which have sexual enhancement capabilities and can be regarded as Nature’s Viagra are illustrated below.


Zinc is the essential minerals abundantly present in berries like strawberries and raspberries. Zinc determines the quality and frequency of sex in both the gender.

Zinc is the important elements which controls the testosterone in men and helps in production of healthy sperms. Excessive intercourse required continuous intake of zinc rich diet. However, it affects female differently, it helps in preparing female for the sex. 


Banana contains essential mineral and enzymes responsible for increasing the sexual functionality. It plays crucial role in production of feel good hormone serotonin. 

Banana is rich source of potassium and essential mineral acts a cofactor for the enzymes responsible to produce sex hormone. Moreover, it contains bromelain enzymes responsible for proper blood flow and libido production


Avocado contains essential vitamins and minerals. The most important is vitamin B6 and folate. Folate boosts the energy while vitamin B6 pays very important role in stabilisation of hormones. Both vitamins are known to increase sex drive. 

Moreover, it regulates the libido which is essential for great sex. It is also loaded with mono saturated fats which protects against heart disease and bad cholesterol.


Walnut is very essential for maintaining healthy sperm, it controls the shape, size, movement and vitality of the sperm. Walnut can also be effective against impotency.

A research has found out that daily consumption of walnut as per daily recommended intake improves sexual function and desires. Its consumption also affects the orgasm quality and provide healthy sex experience


Almonds are rich source of zinc, selenium and vitamin E which are responsible for the healthy sexual functionalities. Almond is a tree nut which should be prudent to be used by people with nut allergy.

Selenium is known to work against male infertility however zinc helps in production of healthy sperms and libido formation which may help in performing painless intercourse.


Fenugreek has been regarded as traditional home remedies against libido formation and sexual functionality. It is also responsible in the formation of testosterone and estrogen which controls the sexual drive of men and women respectively.

Regular consumption of fenugreek may increase the libido production in men and women and improves sexual functionality.


There is not quite of consensus on function of ginseng in increasing sexual performance however, it has been observed that daily consumption of 3 grams of ginseng may help in improving the sexual desires and function in women.

It also play role in increasing the libido essential for healthy and safe sex. Red ginseng paly important role in production of nitric oxide responsible for blood circulation and play vital role in penile erection.

Though it has been regarded as Nature’s Viagra, detailed studies need to be done for complete understanding of its role in sex.


Saffron is a rare spice which is used in culinary and sweets however its contribution to sexual functionality is not unnoticed. Traditionally, it has been regarded as the medicine against several sexual dysfunction. 

One of the studies suggests that saffron plays very important role in improving lubrication and erection however it also rejects the claim that it has any role in improving sexual desires and orgasm. Further study needs to be done to validate the later claims.


Watermelon is considered as rich source of water and an instant energy provider glucose however its consumption is known to increase the libido and improves penile erection.

It also contains citrulline which is responsible for the regulation of amino acids and arginine. Arginine is essential for vascular health and protects against cardiovascular diseases.


It very odd that shape of peaches resembles buttocks, but it doesn’t mean it may help in shaping attractive buttocks. Peaches are rich source of vitamin C and other essential minerals. Vitamin C helps in increasing sperm count and providing healthy shape to it. 

In ancient cultures peaches are symbol of softness, tenderness and sexuality. It possesses all the quality of a feminine. It known to helps in improving fertility, sexual desires and satisfaction. 


It is almost impossible to exclude eggs when we are discussing about the foods responsible for improving sexual vitality. Eggs contains an amino acid L-arginine which proved to be a miracle against erectile dysfunction.

Eggs are rich in vitamin B6 and B5 which helps in increasing the libido and provide smooth sex experience. It is also the rich source of energy which is known to heighten the libido and energy if consumed raw.


Though dark chocolates are not directly linked with the improved libido, sexual desires, sperm production, erection and orgasm however it contains amino acids like phenylethylamine and serotonin which are mild sexual stimulants and mood boosters.

Traditionally chocolate is the symbol of love due to its mood boosters’ capabilities. People are observed to be happier after consuming chocolates. Moreover, it may also contain some antioxidants which are essential to get rid of free radical from the body.

It has been observed that some of the food items helps in increasing the sexual desires, libido, erection, sperm and egg production and orgasm however, detailed studies need to be carried out for the validation of all these claims laid by different studies. 

On contrary to that healthy diet not just improves the sexual functionality of the individuals but it serves other function as well such supply of essential vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Healthy sex not just provides the instant pleasure, but it also paves the strong foundation of long and healthy relationship. “Healthy Sex Happy Life”.