You Have To Carry It In Your Pocket: A Herb That Will Protect You From Your Cellphone Radiation


Cellphone usage expose us to unhealthy radiation.

Bigger explosion to that radiation will worsen our health with time.

But, you can protect yourself with rosemary form all of the danger and problems.

Namely, there is corn’s-sole in the rosemary and its toxin acts like a protection from the gathered free radicals in the body. The rosemary is an antioxidant that proved to be effective in the prevention and the healing among people that were exposed to radiation.

Rosemary with the use of water prevents creating poisons, writes Organic Health.


  • 2 spoons tiny grinded rosemary leaf
  • cup boiling water


Put fresh rosemary in the cup and pour it with water. Before consumption the „mixture” needs to stay 5-10 minutes.