Why Should We Not Eat Chips?


– Every chips is not made of potatoes!

Many among the favorite snacks is potato chips with a relatively cheap price, tasty and easily accessible. But have you ever wondered what the chips make to the body and your health? After this you will avoid the potato chips.

Conversely crashing opinion, each chip is not made from potatoes. For example, some types of chips are actually a mixture of wheat, rice, and corn and potato flakes. As Dr. Joseph Mercola explains, a mixture of these ingredients are crushed and then the petals are cut in shapes like real chips, baked in many oil, dried and finally sprayed with various flavors powder.

Dr. Mercola warns that after this procedure (baking potato chips at high temperatures) actually a harmful carcinogenic is created by-products called acrylamide. It is harmful and potentially neurotoxic circuit which occurs when foods rich in carbohydrates, such as potato chips and fries are baked at high temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius. When finished cooking, the surface of the food gets yellow or brown color, and this is a sign that acrylamide is formed, it’s written on drmercola.com.

Chips usually contains a large amount of fat and calories that can increase the risk of obesity. About 30 grams of chips is approximately 15 to 20 petals chips containing about 10 grams of fat and 154 calories. The study from 2011, published in The New England Journal of medicine discovered that daily consumption of 30 grams of chips leads to an average increase in mass of approximately 1 pound over four years.

As scientists emphasize the connection between chips and obesity is stronger than the link between obesity and any other food, including meat products and sweetened beverages. In addition, excess weight is associated with increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer.