Why Is It Bad To Go To Bed With Out Washing Your Teeth?


The American Dental Association advices washing the teeth two times a day.

Washing the teeth not only that is for esthetic and pleasant breath, it is nursing the oral health.

Missing this daily ritual causes bacteria developing in the mouth and layers that can lead to caries and more serious diseases.

You should wash the teeth two times a day with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste with fluorine for at least two minutes.

Plus you should know that the brush and the thread are the best way to take off the layers, and the water for washing the mouth will only cover your breath.

Food that is bad for your teeth

Dry fruit

The dry fruit is an ideal snack, that is better than chocolate or cookies, even that is full of sugar that get glued to the teeth. Dentists explain how the sugar makes the dry fruit glue to the teeth, and the sugar feeds the bacteria’s in the mouth that can cause erosion.

But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consume dry fruit, just wash your teeth after the consumption.

On the other hand, the fresh fruit doesn’t cause this problem even though it contains sugar, because the same fruit mixes with the saliva and the fruit juice. That’s why it’s not able to glue on the teeth.


Drinks such as the fuzzy drinks or the sport drinks are bad for the health of your teeth if you consume them often.

With that you are continuously exposing your teeth to acids that is in these drinks, and that is bad.

If you want to drink drinks like that, it is better to drink one glass immediately rather than to drink one glass all day.

Hard candy

Just as the juices, the hard candy are a bad decision for your oral health because they spend too much time in the mouth.

While you keep them in your mouth and wait for them to melt, they release the sugar that is in them and that sugar gets glued on the teeth.


Food rich with acids, like the citrus and the tomatoes, can cause caries especially if it is consumed alone.

But, there is no reason not to consume this food, as long as you wash your teeth after their consumption or you can just wash your mouth a little.


Food rich with starch, like chips and the white bread, stays longer on the teeth and that can create teeth layers.


Even if you don’t think like that, the alcohol is in the group with the dangerous drinks because it reduces the saliva in the mouth.

According to the made research from Yale Medical Group, the saliva is important because it naturally washes the teeth from the gathered impurities.