What Kind Of Diseases Do The Acne Suggest On Different Parts Of The Body


The location of the acne on the face and the body speaks for our heath situation and more specifically for which system or organ is the situation about.

Reading the signs is simple, think of the body as a map and the defects as marks on that landscape.

The places in different zones match different problems.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? Below in the text is described how to decode the problems of the basic parts of the body.

Zone 1: Hormones

Acne on the beard and the neck signalize that you have problems with the adrenal gland, but the reason for their appearance can be strong stress and also the consumption of sugar too much.

Zone 2 and 3: Stress

Acne on the shoulders are a sign that you are overloaded and you have reduces immunity. Slow the pace a bit, find free time and relax!

Zone 4: Digestion system

Acne on the breasts are often a sign that something is wrong with the digestion or you are exaggerating with unhealthy food. Change the regime of the food and soon the acne will disappear.

Zone 5 and 6: Vitamin level

This is a sign that your organism has a lack of vitamins. We prefer you not to drink vitamin tablets, because a lot of studies have shown that the artificial vitamins don’t have the same effect as the vitamins we get from fruit and vegetables.

Zone 7: Blood’s sugar level

When acne appear on the stomach, which is often due to the blood’s sugar level. Stop using white sugar and the white bread in your food, eat more vegetables and fruit that way the acne will soon disappear.

Zone 8: Hygiene or sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s)

The bad hygiene can be a reason for acne to appear in this zone, but even worse is if it is on the nipple that is a symptom of STD’s, especially if despite the acne there is itching. Pay a visit to the doctor!

Zone 9 and 10: Skin problems or allergies

Acne on the hips or the upper part of the legs is often a reaction of the cosmetic preparations or detergents. On the below part of the legs the acne often appears because of shaving or depilation. Be careful what kind of products you are using.

Zone 11 and 12: Nerve and digestive system

Specialists consider that acne in this zone signalize that your food is rich with high caloric nutrition or you don’t get enough sleep… what could be a reason for brain overloading.

Zone 13 and 14: Digestion problems

Acne in this zone of the body is again a sign for digestion problems, i.e. consuming unhealthy food.

Your skin is trying to communicate with was in the name of your internal organs. That’s why the next time when acne appear look at the map of the body and find out what should you change in your life habits.