This Bath Pulls Toxins Out of The Body, Improves Muscle And Nerve Function, Reduces Inflammation And Improves Blood Flow

When you regularly engage in unhealthy eating habits comprising of processed and refined foods, you are more than likely to have an accumulation of harmful toxins in your body. These toxins are capable of wearing down your vital organs and causing damage and failure to their functions, as the toxins get into your bloodstream and then into your tissues and organs. It is therefore very important that you detoxify your body of these harmful toxins, if you want to maintain good health. One way of detoxifying your body, is to take an Epsom salt bath.

Epsom salt is quiet a common product and one of great importance in your home. It is affordable and is known to be used in home gardening and cleaning as well. This salt derived its name from a saline spring in Surrey, United Kingdom also known as Epsom. It comprises of two major minerals which can help to detoxify your body naturally, these minerals are known as sulfate and magnesium. These compounds can be absorbed through your skin pores and immediately get into your bloodstream to give your body a lot of health benefits.


By adding Epsom salt to your bath water, you will create a sort of reverse osmosis capable of getting rid of any accumulation of harsh toxins in your body while nourishing your body with its sulfate and magnesium. You cannot overemphasised the importance of magnesium is your body, as it is necessary to help stimulate blood circulation, to increase the oxygen levels in your body and boost your muscle. It also contains in excess of 325 active enzymes as well.

Your body needs sulfates as it helps to boost your joint and nerve health, while helping to enhance your skin and detoxify your body. It will also soothe any inflammation of your joints.

So if you make use of an Epsom salt when taking a bath you will avail yourself the opportunity of solving the following health challenges.

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  • Gout
  • Toe nail fungus
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Muscle aches and pain
  • Bruises
  • Toxin detox

However, while a bath with Epsom salt is effective in detoxification, it should not be tried without your doctor’s permission if you are pregnant, you have a cardiovascular condition, if you are dehydrated and if you have sores on your body.

You can take an Epsom salt bath in the following way:

  • By putting the right amount of Epsom salt in your bath water and soaking in it for about 40 minutes, you will get rid of toxins in the first 20 minutes and then absorb through the pores of your skin, the vital minerals found in the salt in the next 20 minutes.

The standard Epsom salt measurements for use in a bath as per body weight includes:

  • For weight under 60 Ibs – use a half cup of Epsom salt in a regular bath.
  • For body weight between 60 to 100 Ibs – use one full cup of Epsom salt for a regular bath.
  • For body weight between 100 to 150 Ibs – make use of 1 1/2 cup of Epsom salt for a regular bath.
  • For body weight between 150 to 200 Ibs – use two cups of Epsom salt per regular bath size.
  • For body weight over 500 Ibs – make use of two and a half a cups of Epsom salt fora regular bath.


  • You can increase the Epsom salt bath’s antioxidants effect by including about half a cup of olive oil. As olive oil has polyphenols that can be of great benefit to the health of your skin.
  • In order to increase the heat level of the bath, you can add spices, such as; cayenne pepper or ginger, this will help you to sweat more and in turn eliminate more harmful toxins.
  • After the bath take a break for an hour or two and if you have arthritis, try to stay as active as you can, so that your joints do not get congested.
  • When using the bath do not use soap, as it will hinder the active minerals from functioning properly and also it will restrict the detoxification of your body.