Tea For Immunity: Don’t Wait Your Nose To Start Leaking, To Get Neck Pains And Get A High Body Temperature


Don’t wait your nose to start leaking, to get neck pains and get a high body temperature, listen to your doctors on time when they prefer herb tea as a prevention.

The time is changing, sunny, rainy, windy days and all of that has a bad influence on the immunity.

Temperature oscillations, inappropriate clothing and fall down mood can lead to sickness because the protective organism power weakens.

The most effective tea for strengthening the immunity is easy to prepare.

Mix one spoon chamomile, basil, sage and put 2dl hot water.

Leave it a few minutes to stay and then strain it.

When the tea cools enough so it can be consumed, add one tablespoon honey and a little cinnamon

This tea not only that will warm you, it will free you from the intension and everyday stress.