Shocking Truths About Air Fresheners

Shocking Truths About Air Fresheners

Before you spray the room with some of the more popular air fresheners or to light a scented stick should think twice.

We were absolutely shocked when we found out what harmful effects can cause these products.

Defense Council Natural Resources (NRDC) is an international environmental organization for the protection of the environment which conducted a study titled “Clearing the Air: Hidden dangers of air fresheners” in which it was concluded that 86procenti the tested air fresheners contain harmful phthalates.

Phthalates are chemical compounds that are used as plastic softeners, anti-foaming aerosols, and can be found in plastic toys, automotive, paints, pesticides, cosmetics and fragrances.

According to a survey conducted by the NRDC, most phthalates that are found in everyday life, interfere with the production of the male hormone testosterone, and is closely associated with reproductive abnormalities.

Numerous animal studies have shown that exposure to phthalates reduces testosterone, causing genital abnormalities and reduced sperm production. Studies done in humans however, indicate that phthalates tie with hormonal changes and cause poor quality sperm.

There are five types of phthalates, one of which is located in air fresheners, causing defects in newborns and harms reproductive system. Moreover, NRDC said phthalates in air fresheners closely related to allergies and asthma.

Amounts of Phthalates which NRDC has found in some of the most common air fresheners are:

  • GladeAromaticoils- 4.5 ppm (one millionth of a unit) on
  • Glade Airspray- 1.5 ppm DEP-a.
  • Air Wickscentedoils- 0.75 ppm DBP;3 ppm DEP;1.6 ppm DIBP;2.1 ppm DIHP.
  • DBP –di-butylphthalate(related tochanges inhormone levels, poor spermqualityand changes ingenitaldevelopment).
  • DEP -di-ethyl phthalate(.-Related changes in hormone levels, poor spermqualityand changes ingenitaldevelopmentis called”reproductivetoxin”).
  • DIBP -di-isobutyl phthalate (a similareffectasDBPRELATEDreducingtestesand lowtestosterone levelsin animalsand changes ingenitaldevelopmentin humans).
  • DIHP – isohelphthalate, di (toxin that affects thereproductive systemof men andis associated withbirth defectsand development).