He Lost 40kg Drinking This Potion


Once businessman and developer Dave Asprey shared his recipe for the so-called “Bulletproof” coffee two years became a hit worldwide. Such a coffee apparently it helped to weaken 40 pounds!

Bulletproof coffee as Asprey called it, is a creamy coffee potion, and is designed to be a substitute for a meal.

This type of coffee ayou can very simply prepare: In their usual dose of coffee, add a little butter and a little desire coconut oil, and mix it all together in a blender to get a creamy consistency.

The ratio of ingredients is the following:

2 cups of coffee

2 spoons non-salty butter (you can use more, no more than 80 grams)

1-2 spoons coconut oil

The secret of this hit drink is in the high concentration of fat, which extends the time for digestion of caffeine, and this results in a higher level of energy which should be felt during the day.

Thanks to a long-lasting feeling of satiety is recommended for people who are struggling with excess weight, and besides that – the drink is delicious and creamy.

This coffee reportedly contains fewer etc. mycotoxins.