Do not throw these bags again! When you see what can they do, you`ll keep them like a gold!

Shoe boxes usually come with these bags filled with silicon dioxide or silica. People usually think that these silica bags are useless and some of them even annoying. But, these bags are much more useful than you might think. If you throw them away, you’ll make a mistake! They are not useless or toxic, but they can be very practical and beneficial.

Here, we’re presenting you several ways on how you can use these white or yellow granules around the house!

these bags

Put them in your wardrobe

Putting these little bags in your wardrobe will help you prevent the occurrence and spread of moisture. Another thing you can do is prevent the unpleasant smell that goes hand in hand with moisture.

Prolong the shelf-life of your makeup

Put some of these bags in your makeup case and keep your makeup longer by preventing the moisture in your powder makeup!

Restore your water-damaged phone

Silicon dioxide is actually able to restore your water-damaged phone! If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, just put the phone among four to five of these silica gel bags, and you’ll see how they will absorb the moisture and dry the phone!

Keep your workout gear dry

Silica absorbs moisture. Make sure you always keep several silica bags into your training bag along with your workout gear, so that you prevent bacteria proliferation. These bags will also help you get rid of the bad odor and keep your bag dry and clean at the same time!