Can’t Sleep All the Way Through the Night? Try a Little Bit of This “Ideal Liver Fuel” Before Bed


Thinking of the best food to eat at night, we wouldn’t consider eating raw honey because of its sweetness. We all know that sweet food before sleeping is not recommended.

But the doctors even recommend raw honey before sleeping, because of its natural compound.

Dr. Fessenden, MD, author of the book “The Honey Revolution: Restoring the Health of Future Generations”, is one of the doctors who recommend the consuming honey before sleeping.

According to Fessenden, honey is a perfect food and should be taken at various times of day. He also recommends taking honey before sleeping for better and healthier night’s sleep.

Honey is very efficient in the repairing process overnight, even though it is one of the sweetest foods you can find.

The honey must be raw and organic. You shouldn’t buy honey from the markets because the honey there is imported and maybe is including GMO’s, also it is can be processed because of the healthy standards, which can cause losing of many beneficial ingredients. The best thing you can do is to buy it directly from the farmer.

How raw honey aids in sleep quality (and quantity):

As Fessenden says, honey includes ‘a perfect ratio of fructose to glucose’, which is ideal back up for the liver, the organ that functioning overtime during the sleeping process.

Honey provides the liver with enough glycogen throughout the day. You will do the same favor to the liver if you consume honey before sleeping at night. Combine it with water, and your body will have everything it needs for the restorative and detoxification processes.

The honey bolsters effective, deep and restorative sleep in two particularly ways.

The first way is allowing enough supply of liver glycogen through the night when your body is in state of fasting and the storage is low. A standard adult liver has 75 to 100 grams storage space for glycogen, which is changeable between men and women of different body sizes.

The body is using 10 grams of glycogen per hour during the day, which leaves the storage fairly low by the time for going in bed. That will leave lower glycogen storage, which is needed for eight hours of sleep, if you finished your dinner at 6 p.m., according to Fessenden.

Anywise, with consuming one or two teaspoons of honey before sleeping, you will re-supply your liver with glycogen, which will prevent your brain to activate the stress response, which is caused by lack of glycogen. Honey boosts the production of melatonin in the brain, which will lead to a little growth in insulin levels and the production of tryptophan in the brain. Tryptophan will cause releasing of serotonin, which is made into melatonin in the dark.

With consuming honey before going in bed, you will contribute to your healthy metabolism as your liver will clear out toxins that are stored in fat cells.

Other health benefits of honey:

Honey has other healthy benefits proven throughout time.

Honey has been found in Egyptian tombs, still untouched after hundreds of years, this means that the honey never stales.

It’s perfect for diminishing throat irritation and has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is also good for athletes.

Once again, always look for a natural organic, raw honey made from beekeeper or trusting farmer. For hundreds of years humans enjoyed in the benefits of honey, which has been proven very helpful for our overall health.